Marmande Tomato Sauces

Lucien Georgelin is implanted in Virazeil near Marmande, the capital of the tomato, wanting to wink at his county by promoting the famous tomato of Marmande. He chose these tomatoes cultivated in the local fields, for their tasting qualities from a terroir leading to their growth.

Presented in generous glass jar of 250 g and cooked with ingredients found in the kitchen of all household, the tomato sauces Lucien Georgelin perfectly combine an attractive price and a high quality on the plate.

The tomato sauces of Lucien Georgelin has a quality that exceeds expectations of a "homemade" taste.

"Classic" Marmande Tomato sauces

  • Tomato sauce with Marmande tomatoes, garlic and Espelette pepper (mildly spicy)
  • Tomato bologneese sauce with Marmande tomatoes (100% French beef)
  • Tomato sauce with Marmande peppers and eggplants/aubergine
  • Tomato sauce with Marmande tomatoes and basil

Tomato sauces with Marmande tomatoes and fruit

  • Tomato sauce with Marmande and pear tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce with Marmande tomatoes and rhubarb
  • Tomato sauce with Marmande and apricot tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce with Marmande tomatoes and pineapple


These are completely new sauce recipes (Marmande tomato with fruit), they are non-existent in the market.

These 8 references of tomato sauces have a covering texture and obviously guaranteed without preservatives or additives. They are perfect for pasta, rice ... and on a pizza base also.

These spicy, salty/sweet, and fruity sauces are used :

  • with pasta or rice;
  • For casseroles: Grill your meat to the frying pan and add your sauce, simmer for a few minutes before serving;
  • They also accompany a grill, fish, grilled vegetables or a cold meat.


With this new range of tomato sauces, Lucien Georgelin reinforces his know-how of the terroir, to the taste of the old days with a touch of creativity.