The spreadable: what a successful range !

Very market trendy, these recipes meet a growing demand for consumers in search of friendliness, wellbeing and good taste around the aperitif. Our chefs have been able to mix and address delicious vegetables with carefully selected spices.

The result is at the height of demanding gourmets! The entire product family is obviously guaranteed without colorants, preservative or added aromas.

The range is made up of 12 references:

  • Cumin Carrot Delight
  • Candied tomato Delight
  • Basil Artichoke Delight
  • Parsley Forest Delight
  • Delight of crushed olives
  • Black Tapenade
  • Peppers Delight
  • Ceps Delight
  • Curry Eggplant Delight
  • Hummus

To complete this wonderful vegetable range of spreadable, here is an extra combo of land and sea:

  • Foie Gras (fatty duck liver) :

A must for a successful aperitif, a French South West accent. Enjoy it on country bread, toasted or not, breadcrumbs, blinis, accompanied by a glass of Monbazillac (a well-known Bergerac semi-sweet white wine). Bring conviviality and generosity to your aperitif table!

  • Meat and fish :

Enjoy these fresh appetizers on lightly toasted bread. For a more prestigious aperitif, you can also garnish a “vol-au-vent”(puff pastry shell). Yummy!
Whether it is for a prestigious aperitif or a weekly moment conviviality, everything is there to succeed your appetizers!