Hazelnut and chocolate Spread

Creamy and generous spread ideal for breakfast or as a snack. Richer in hazelnuts than most of the recipes on the market, this aroma is particularly gourmet and reveals its generosity and greediness on the palate. Its special texture makes it easy to spread its delicious nutty taste.

Always attentive to our customers, we have created a recipe without palm oil and without hydrogenated oil in order to respect the health of our customers and the environment.

It is important to add, our French hazelnuts are from an agricultural cooperative located 30 km from our factory.

It is presented in a glass jar with a label containing the graphic charter "recipes cooked in the cauldron" with a presentation of the "without palm oil", the origin of hazelnuts (Lot and Garonne) and the logo “flavour of the year”.

The success of our spreads in 280g format and 300g encouraged us to develop our range into family formats in 400g and 600g.

  • Without palm oil, to avoid the deforestation of palm forests
  • No hydrogenated oil out which is healthier
  • with hazelnuts from an agricultural cooperative located less than 30 km from our workshops
  • Richer in hazelnut than most competitors’
  • It is Made in France

These recipes have the advantages of classic spreads but they also have this little something original enabling a variation the pleasures. All this encourages the consumer to place these references in its shopping trolley.

The variations of our spreads :

  • Hazelnut spreads of the lot and Garonne with “crêpes dentelles”(crispy crepes) : leaves you with an amazing yet delicate crunchy taste.
  • Hazelnut spreads of the lot and Garonne with caramel flakes : let the chocolate melt to keep the caramel nuggets in your mouth. A delight!
  • Hazelnut spreads with sparkling sugar : It is a revisit of one’s childhood. It is a festival of sensation! Sugar starts to sparkle like fireworks as soon as it enters your mouth!
  • Hazelnut spreads white chocolate version : It is quite smooth, generous and melting!