gamme céréales Lucien Georgelin


The repurchase of EuroCèr enabled Lucien Georgelin to create various and very unique cereal recipes for breakfast. Our products are made in the south-west of France, they are healthy and tasty. Our ingredients carefully selected : high in quality and low in fat. They represent Lucien Georgelin’s commitment to offer quality « French terroir » products.

The responsible approach towards the origin of our raw materials, our production process and french know-how are proof of our willingness to provide you with the highest quality.

Our cereals without gluten

Developed to offer an alternative solution for gluten-intolerants, our gluten-free cereals are also an energy source.

Often consumed with milk, they are an essential part of a true breakfast. Additionaly, they are rich in minerals, low in lipids, a supply of fibers and without palm oïl.

  • Céréales Riz Choc' with chocolate and without gluten
  • Céréales Boule Choc' with chocolate and without gluten

Our delicious cereals

Some of our cereal produtcs are even greedier and great for kids. We offer to youngsters and big « gourmands » alike  a new range of filled cereal. Richer in hazelnuts than most recipes you will find in the market, our filled cereals are made without palm oil, hydrogenated oil but made with ingredients from the French agriculture. This best seller is a great alternative for breakfast and associates pleasure with our hazelnut spread .

  • Croc' Choc with French hazelnuts of Lot-et-Garonne and hazelnut spread
  • Croc' Tout Choc with French hazelnuts of Lot-et-Garonne and hazelnut spread

Our enriched cereals

Rich in vitamin B, E and low-fat, our Pétale Choc' combines the fantastic chocolate taste whereas our Croc'Cooki offers Guérande’s sea-salt butter fudge cooki feeling. Start the day with a balanced meal and an energy boost as the most important meal of the day. 

Our oatmeal is naturally rich in fibers and in protein.  It also brings you half of recommended daily amount of béta-glucanes that preserves a normal rate cholesterol of level. In adddtion Our cereals are made without palm oil, without colouring agent and preservative.

  • Croc'Cooki made French region Guérande’s sea-salted butter fudge
  • Pétale Choc' with cocoa powder
  • Flocons d'avoine