Jams and coulis cooked in a cauldron

Do you know the different names?

“Jams”,fruit-based preparations” or “fruit desserts”? Which one is it ? French regulations regarding jams are very strict: only recipes containing 55% of sugar are entitled to the Jam name. The reduced jams are at 45% sugar. In order to meet the growing demand of consumers who cares about its slender figure and well-being, Lucien Georgelin has developed a wide range with a lot less sugar :

  • Around 45-50% sugar : fruit preparations (65% fruit)
  • around 38% sugar * : Gourmet & light
  • with no added sugar : fruit desserts (100% fruit)

* The percentage of sugar is calculated by adding the added cane sugar (sucrose) to the sugar brought by the fruit (fructose). These recipes are enjoyed at breakfast or as a dessert compote.

Nowadays, they are 150+ references of Jams, preparations 65% fruit or desserts 100% fruits, offered to YOU! It would take you 1 year at a speed of 3 pots a week to taste everything ! This is what we offer your customers a complete and amazingly varied range of old-fashioned recipes that meet today's trends: less sugar, more well-being, more flavour.
Our pots are presented in an octagonal glass jar of 300 g with a gorgeous colorful label !

Recipes cooked in the cauldron

Recipes cooked in the Cauldron : 65% fruit

This is the ancestral recipe for jams Lucien Georgelin ! It's the specialty that made the company famous, local specialties, sound based and on regional know-how. They are cooked on fire in a cauldron and guaranteed without preservatives, without colouring and without added artificial or natural aromas.

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • Essentials : Apricots, black cherries, white figs, oranges, strawberries ...
  • The original : banana, guava, mango, ...
  • The daring : sweets of violets’s petals, melons, lemon, ...
  • Flavor lands : Red apricots from Roussillon, Périgord nuts, southwestern plums

Recipes cooked in the cauldron : 100% fruit

The recipes 100% of fruit means 100% fruit ! Without the addition of refined sugar (white sugar), they are perfectly suitable for people who controls their weight or their sugar levels.
Prepared only with fruits, this recipe will delight all discerning gourmets it is cooked on a bare fire in a Copper cauldron. Guaranteed without preservatives in accordance with the regulations, with no colouring and no added artificial or natural aromas, our recipes are presented in a jar of 320g with a country label.

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • Essentials : 5 citrus fruits, black cherries, peach, oranges, strawberries ...
  • The Daring : nectarine-apricot, rhubarb-prune, ...
  • The land of flavors : red apricots of Roussillon, ...
  • Favorites : Blueberry, 4 red fruits, Mirabelle plum, ...

Cooked recipes in the Cauldron: Classic

Classic recipes are traditional fragrance preparations of which 9 references have been recognized flavour of the year. 17 fruit preparations are presented in jars of 320g with a packaging in the spirit of "homemade" wich hightlight south-west of France Terroir.

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • Essentials : Apricot, blackberry, raspberry, peach, ...
  • The originals : melon, currant, queen Claude, ...
  • The daring : apple-pear-walnut, pear-raspberry, ...
  • Favorites : Vine fishing, 5 red fruits, apricot ...

Cooked recipes in the Cauldron: Exotic

Exotic recipes are gourmet and fragrant preparations that offer a small taste of escape in the morning.

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • The essentials : mango, lime, banana, ...
  • The bold : Kiwi-lime, guava, coconut, ...
  • Favorites : Passion-Mango, pineapple-kiwi

The Gourmet and Light (les Gourmandes et Légères)

Fruit, a little sugar (30% less than a classic jam), cooked in the cauldron according to the know-how of Lucien Georgelin, this is the secret of a gourmet and light recipe. Richer in fruit (60%) which is more than what we usually find in the market (50%), these recipes are particularly tasty.

Of course these recipes are cooked in a cauldron, without added preservatives, colouring or aromas.

In fact, 2 references took part in the general agricultural competition and got a medal !

  • SILVER MEDAL for Gourmet and light blueberry jam from southwest
  • BRONZE MEDAL for the Gourmet and light pineapple jam of the meeting.

What a good omen for this new range !

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • The essentials : Strawberry, apricot, Southwestern Blueberry.
  • The original : Pineapple of the meeting, Orange lemon Grapefruit
  • Favorites : Southwestern Blueberry, Meeting pineapple, strawberry

Extra jams

This range of “extra jams” was born following the success of our red apricot jam from the Roussillon, the gold medal of the Paris 2017 general agricultural competition, issued by a jury of professionals. The taste difference was such with what exists on the market that there was no silver medal! Prepared with 55% fruit (where regulation requires only 45%) and guaranteed without added preservatives, colourings or aromas, our extra jams is cooked in the cauldron that gives it this little taste of Grandma’s Jam! 

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

  • Essentials : Apricot, strawberry, wild blueberry, ...
  • The original : Pineapple-kiwi, passion-mango, ...
  • The Bold : Banana meeting, prune plum, ...
  • Favourites : Blueberry, BlackBerry, apricot, ...

Fruit sauces (Coulis)

Lucien Georgelin wanted to propose something different and launched a real innovation of rupture, proposing an assortment of fruit coulis in individual stick of 30 grams.

So around a table, everyone can choose the favor that he likes for his yogurt, his white cheese, his panna cotta ... This concept let you vary the pleasures.
Furthermore, individual dosage avoids waste.


Sold in a box of 10 sticks of fruit coulis (4 apricot coulis, 3 strawberry coulis, 3 raspberry coulis) Each stick contains 30 of coulis, the right dose to accompany a dessert, yogurt, white cheese ... Our coulis are very rich in fruit, with more than 80% fruit, and therefore very rich in taste!

Of course, all our coulis are without colourings, without preservatives or added aromas