Staying in line with tradition, Lucien Georgelin launches in 1990 the manufacturing of traditional candies, prepared exclusively for cane sugar and cooked in a cauldron. In order to get this refined taste on your palete, it requires meticulous work, precision, know-how, an exact cooking temperature, a master’s hand, a perfect paste viscosity, an optimum water evaporation ...

The cooking of the sugar is done only on the simple heat, in a copper cauldron. These are some of the manufacturing secrets. And that’s all we will reveal ! Berlingots, sweets with honey, eucalyptus, violet, licorice, poppy, ... All the flavours of your childhood perfume the products of the confectionery Lucien Georgelin.

Our candies with shimmering colors evoking the authenticity of our house are presented with different way:

  • flat bottom pouches pocket of 200g
  • with header card / Cavalier pouches of 150g 

To meet consumer expectations, Lucien Georgelin has also developed a range of sugar-free candies and a organic range.


Fruit Paste/Fruit Bars (pâte de fruits)

Lucien Georgelin's fruit bar is the guarantee of quality ingredients!
He wanted to develop a range of fruit bars with the intention of keeping its traditional great taste without adding aromas, dyes or preservatives! 
Rediscovering this childhood product was a must.

Our formats:
  • Sealed bag of 150 g,
  • 200 g flat Bottom bag
  • Box of 300 g
Our Classic fruit pasta scents: rhubarb, blackcurrant, apricot, pear, strawberry and raspberry
Our exotic ones : pineapple, banana, mango, coconut and kiwi

Memo to prepare your Merchandising

Favourites: Honey sweets, honey-eucalyptus, honey pine sap, violets, ...
Originals: Exotic pasta, Orange/lemon/strawberry lollipop