Our history

Lucien Georgelin, the jam manufacturer for over 30 years !

Lucien Georgelin started his business by going to local markets and small grocery stores. He then successfully expanded with the collaboration of a daring banker who felt passionate for these local jam products, on the hills of the town Marmande. His favorite of all was a strawberry jam, that later went on to win medals.

Only in the heart of a small county in the south west of France, on a sunny land generous in flavors and colors, that the Family confectionery Lucien Georgelin could begin its story.

Lucien Georgelin has been anchored since the early 1980s in the rich terroir of the Southwest and more particularly that of the Lot-et-Garonne.

Virazeil is a small commune, with orchards on one side and the Foie Gras production territory (Dordogne and Landes) on the other. This is where farmer Lucien Georgelin took his first steps as a business owner.

“Jams and candies preparation filled my summer days while it was the production of ducks that punctuated my winter days,”

he still recounts with a large smile.

Lucien Georgelin maintains the tradition thanks to his mother’s Jams and other recipes.

After having travelled the countryside, running stands in markets or local grocery stores, the quality of his jams inevitably opened doors to the national and international scene. Incidentally, his jams were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in the general agricultural competition, time and time again (see our medalists).

Innovative products

As a result, Lucien Georgelin’s reputation expanded and the ranges have diversified. He grew innovative product lines and their generous and tasty recipes putting forward terroir products.

Indeed, Lucien Georgelin made a conscious choice… to carefully select the fruits in order to enhance the taste, the maturity and local production such as Cancon hazelnuts for spreads or Marmande’s tomatoes (for the tomato sauces range) or French fruits (such as the Roussillon Red Apricot).

30 years later on, Lucien Georgelin STILL cooks his jams in a COPPER CAULDRON however all his downstream operations are now mechanized.

Production remains traditional and the search for new recipes a daily goal.