The Taste of homemade

Quality and French manufacturing

Our buyers experts carry out a very rigorous selection of the products before they arrive on site and do not hesitate to refuse a delivery if it is not fully compliant with our very rigorous specifications. Fruits arrive whole or sliced, ripe. They are tasted regularly in order to validate their taste qualities even before the transformation.

The Sugar and fruits used in our recipes are guaranteed non-GMO.

In the purest respect of tradition, our master “still respects scrupulously the recipes of Lucien Georgelin all recorded in his old book of recipes. In order to respect the consumer, no colorants, no preservatives, no aromas are added

The Taste of homemade

From the very beginning, it has been the homemade taste that represents our company. Our market well-known notoriety is based on local specialties, a sound regional know-how, a savour of the past and a touch of creativity.

Some recipes display aromas that are sometimes traditional, sometimes original,

full with beautiful fruit pieces, as if they were made at home. Your palate will relish the delectable developing fruit taste, for your purest enjoyment. Put the south in your mouth !

Cooking in the Cauldron

Lucien Georgelin himself ensures the selection of the fruits that will make to his preparations. After being peeled, pitted, seeded depending on the fruit … they are poured into authentic copper cauldrons and begin to cook on a bare fire, in order to caramelize and keep only the best of the fruit.

We have a wide range of fruit preparations cooked in the cauldron as in the old days, with a “homemade” style packaging. They are presented in a pot of 320g and guarantees without preservatives, without colorants and without adding aromas.