Special sport

Developed by a team of athletes and dieticians, our range "The fruit of the exploit" is regularly tested and approved by the cyclist team FORTUNEO OSCARO.
The special interest that Lucien has for sport gave him the idea and the desire to launch a range for athletes and to the accompaniment before, during and after the effort: the “fruit of the exploit” was born!

« I remember the fruit bars I used to take when I was a cyclist, I remember their artificial taste and texture that were difficult to assimilate; So I wanted to create something different with this range "the fruits of the exploit": a soft texture, a natural taste and a fast assimilation ».

A vitamin B1 rich fruit paste that contributes to the regular transformation of food into energy. Our product "BOOSTER" will not only be a necessity but also a real treat.
Our 30G sticks, with a natural taste of fruit, have a flexible and practical packaging for easy use during effort.


All our flavors :

  • Apricot
  • Strawberry
  • Fig/Wheat germ
  • Pear
  • Kiwi/Lime
  • Banana




Fruitiness for fitness !

Avoids fatigue during exertion ; Its high glycemic index has a rapid effect ; Allows you to recharge the batteries after a difficult passage/period. Soon the "fruit of the exploit" range will be complemented with a new product variation: the "Compotes +"