Our commitments

In the purest respect of tradition, our jam master still respects scrupulously the recipes of Lucien Georgelin which are all recorded in his old recipe book. In order to respect consumers, there are no dye, no preservative, no aroma added during cooking.

Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to give you the closest fruit taste as possible.

Reference labels

In order to meet a growing demand from our customers, our company offers you a whole range of certified organic products AB as well as fair recipes labelled

A corporate citizen

Here in the heart of the South West, respect for the environment and sustainable development are not meaningless words. Quite the contrary, they respond to a true line of conduct for our company, because our interests are also those of the planet.

It is through a daily reflection that this strong will to preserve our environment which is for our company the first source of raw material.

That is why each of our products, in addition to impeccable taste qualities must respond positively to these 3 questions:

  • Is its manufacturing economical in natural resources, energy and water?
  • Can its packaging be minimized and recycled to the fullest?
  • Does its production reduce emissions of any kind?

With these quality commitments and a forward-looking business philosophy, Lucien Georgelin registers his company in a societal and civic approach and integrates the development of a CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) approach by associating economic efficiency, environmental preservation and territorial anchorage.

Through the selection of fruit, our expert buyers proceed to a very rigorous selection of products before they arrive on site and do not hesitate to refuse a delivery if it is not fully compliant with our very rigorous specifications. Fruits arrive whole or sliced, ripe. They are tasted regularly in order to validate their taste qualities especially before the transformation.

Sugar as well as all the fruits used in our recipes are guaranteed GMO-free.

After being peeled, pitted, seeded (depending on the fruit), they are poured into authentic copper cauldrons and begin to cook on a bare fire, in order to caramelize and only keep the best of the fruit.

Cooking in copper cauldrons allows us to preserve all the flavors of the fruit by adding this little taste of the old days and that’s what makes the specialty of our products.

This part is automated and allows to fill up to 100 000 pots per 24 hours!

Once the jars are labelled, they are identified by a lot number and electronically tracked in order to guarantee you total traceability and therefore optimum food security.